Who Are You

Who took your voice and claimed that it was in the name of love
Who took your expression and told you that it would not serve
Who took your innocence and forced you into a brutal reality
Who shaped your thoughts and manipulated your actions
Was it love or fear?
Was it confidence or victimhood?
Did it come from curiousity or from rules and regulations.

Lovingly observing, he understood that shit happens. That’s life but nothing could get between their love, I will never be like those families. I’ll bring my wife over, we’ll have family time and talk about everything!

But that’s not what happened…
More stress, more bills, more miscommunication, stupid mistakes, and now what becomes of me?
Who do I bring my wife to, how will I handle my problems when they couldn’t; how will my faith in our love be unwavering; how did life turn into never-ending hardships and why, why couldn’t they handle it.
Maybe I won’t get married… It’s the system, It’s history, it’s the greed… damn I can’t trust…

Who took their voice and replaced it with, it is so; that is life, deal with it; no one has ever done that.
Who took their expression buried it and said, follow my steps; you can’t; you’re not allowed to.
Who took their innocence and claimed, there’s no time for that; this is life; pay attention.

Was it in the name of love or dominance?

Oblivious to actions becoming habits. Thoughts becoming beliefs. And fears,
limitations. How do I surpass my limitations?

Looking back, how did it serve you to be like the others rather than you.
How many opportunities have you missed by not trying. When have you really given it your all.

Looking back were you worrying about the perspective rather than the outcome. How is it serving you to do onto others what has been done onto you. Is it the image, or the feeling of love that propels you forward; is it the shadows, or the air of dread that holds you back.

50 years from now, will you be saying so and so said… or will  you feel and try.

Life Coach, Wellness Advocate and my primary mission Enjoyment Advocate. I guide ambitious individuals who are in the stagnant phase. By mixing holistic healing with plant and energy medicine.