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How To End A Life Of Constant Stress And Setbacks Today Before It Ends You!

The fastest way towards your Master Goals!
Even when you don't know where to start

Plenty of self-development content is becoming uselessly redundant.

From clunky books and videos telling it “straight” about how you should take ownership of your life, to drenching never-ending programs.

Too focused on the “What” rather than the “How”, there is basically no difference with someone yelling at you “you’re lost, get yourself together and find your way!” without giving you the right map out of the mess.

This needs to stop right now. Because there is a better way for you finally succeed. And I’ll show you how.

Sure, some thought-provoking concepts are sprinkled here and there.

But general information and some clever punchlines aren’t enough to claim the freedom and life you desire. 

There is a way designed to help you set the conditions for inevitable success so that you may be empowered in the actions that you commit to.

One with the exact “how” and that won’t waste your time and bait you into the hamster wheel.

I don’t know who you are. But I do know one thing about you.

You being here and reading this is a testimonial in itself, a proof of your character because you refused to abandon. You are not a quitter. 

Continue to read as I will explain what could be your turning point today.

The Technology To Goal Achievement Can Be Yours

With the advances of digital communication, we’re now exposed to what’s possible. Don’t you agree?

People with amazing achievements share their journey with millions and literally inspire the world.

“Yet, many are stuck with inspiration and motivation…
and are in fact growing weary of it.”

Despite everything you still press on. You still commit yourself emotionally and financially to get that other win in life.

You buy inspirational books, listen to captivating guests online, and join programs with high expectations – spending the currency you’ll never get back: your time.

Experience Your Breakthrough

If you’re looking for that breakthrough, have a seat and breathe deep. Because your search can stop  now.

Welcome to the battle-tested program that can transform not only your mind but also your life’s outcome!

Let me tell you how!

Don’t get me wrong.

Inspiration is a real fueling power which you need plenty of. But it is dangerously packaged today.

Noticed I said battle-tested program?

Because life is full of challenges. But through this program, I’ve been privileged to see myself, my clients and my loved ones live a life of fulfillment and meaning.

And this started only with 3 months!

3 Months with a clear roadmap backed up by research!

Not just nice ideas from unaccountable “leaders” who will always make a buck regardless of what happens to you after joining all the webinars, seminars…whatever!


If you are serious about ending the constant stress and procrastination.

If you are tired of your stagnant lifestyle and want to turn it into one of optimal health and energy.

You can do so and become one with the life you truly desire in 3 months.


Let me show you  how you can transform your Mind, Body and Soul so that you may embody vitality.

My Life Was Ruled By Fear
And Low Self-Worth

Jess flo-quote-90-day-program-min


My name is Jessica Flo and I’m a healer.

Certified Life Coach and endorsed by Quentin Newhouse PhD, PCC; maybe you heard me speak at 4LesFemmes.

If you’re from my region, maybe you’re familiar with my show “Bursting with Energy”.

I always knew I wanted to help people one way or the other.

But before this sparkle grew to the fire it is today, my story was one of long-lived fear and low self-worth.

Fear as a kid after my dad left to work for the UN.

Fear of life itself which led me to attempt suicide.

Depressed, alone, and stuck, I read books to find a way out. I did find beautiful things, but I often find myself saying “Ok…sounds good, but HOW do I do this?”. It was the “how to do it” that was never addressed in depth.

After finally graduating and landing a very comfortable job, I knew I wasn’t in the right place. But later, I made the best decision of my life: I took a life coach program.

Believe me, it was no walk in the park!

This was so hard that if it wasn’t for my sister and partner, I would have not made it through. I had to work to find every limiting belief that was stopping me from manifesting my desires and rebuild my mind and habits. Rebuilding my habits because what I was taught growing up was not what I needed.

When you don’t know yourself, making decisions for yourself is not an easy feat.

I have clients in their 50s who still don’t know who they are, but they do know, that this isn’t working.

If this isn’t working for you as well then it is time to heal yourself. I will and want to be the person on the other end of the rope supporting you! 

Here’s what people say when we work together :

Amazing People Sharing Their Experience...

What Is
The Total Mastery Program?

A 3-month journey to self-discovery and personal growth so that you may begin to live an empowered life of freedom and joy.

Learn True Self-Acceptance And Ownership

I will show you clear methods to discover yourself and awaken the hidden powers of your life. You will know how to finally move forward and take ownership. 

You will experience heightened confidence as you will own yourself fully without having to hide anything or deny parts of yourself. 

Don’t assume that you’re the only one on edge. Everyone has a challenge that they feel ashamed of and struggle with. So the transformation needs to begin with you first. 

Keeping You Steps Ahead of Your Future Self

Your personal growth will be fast-tracked so quickly you’ll have to learn to stay balanced
by taking active steps towards your health and wellness. 

This is how confident I am about the Total Mastery Program!

You will quickly be aware of your potential, and once you reach one goal, the next thought will be “what’s next?”. 

Because you’re always evolving, you will learn how to embrace the change and bring others with you on the journey of growth.

Getting Rid Of Dead Weight And Obstruction

It is easy to focus on the negative; the 90-day Program is an opportunity to discover something that may be blocking you from seeing a possibility or slowing you down from taking action. A belief hiding deep within that needs some updating. 

Our sessions create space for new perspectives to be explored and possibly adopted to help you move forward.

Build a deeper awareness around your weekly commitments and whether they are serving you or not. 

This is a chance to let go of any limiting beliefs that prevent you from committing to your goals. There is a paradigm in the Life coach business that how you do one thing is how you do everything, so if there something out of wack in one area of your life, there are chances that there’s something out of whack in another area. 

Learn to deepen your relationship in all big areas of your life (health, career, money, relationship and spirituality).

“Live Life the way you want to Leave Life!” -Les Browne

This program is suitable for you if you’re feeling :

  • Depressed
  • Blocked, stuck, confused
  • Unfulfilled, incomplete
  • Stressed, anxious
  • Held back by fear
  • Unworthy
  • Struggling to find your place in the world
  • Holding onto shame and judgment of self
  • Tired of compromising
  • Stuck in your head (overthinking)
  • Disconnected
  • Drained and used
  • Lack of motivation and willpower
  • Emotionally all over the place
  • Cravings for foods you know are not healthy for you
  • Disempowered, not in control of your life
  • Dissatisfied like you are falling behind


A Complete Equation

This is a life coaching program that combines holistic healing with plant and energy medicine to support my clients wherever they may be along their journey. You will improve your energy through different activities, as well as understand who you are being in any given situation.

This program is fantastic if you are not aware of where you would like to start.

As You Complete The Program You will:

You can join this life-changing opportunity for 4 payments of $600.00
or a one-time payment of

There Is One Problem Though…

Your 3 Months Total Mastery requires my complete and direct attention. 

Unfortunately, this means I can only contribute to the journey of a fixed number of people every 90 days. I wish I could duplicate myself but it’s just not possible…yet.

So take action as soon as you can if you’re at that turning point. It’ll allow me to be your own private expert guide today.


A Guarantee Unlikely Needed 

Reflect on this for a second.

You get the benefit of expert guidance from someone whose business model is to see you succeed!

It is unimaginable that anyone wouldn’t experience the immediate effects of this program and the quantum leap in their quality of life.

But if after 30 days you do not see any improvement or find no value with my solutions, I’ll pay you back every dollar you spent. Period.


The Success Of My Work Is Determined
By Yours

Motivational speakers with eye-opening quotes can still do well whether you accomplish your objectives, or whether miserably fail…

It’s the precise opposite for me.

And that is because my win depends on yours. 

So here you go.

Here you go. 

You are now informed and well equipped to make a decision no one has regretted this far.

Are you ready to finally break free from a life of nonstop stress and nonachievement?

Find peace,  I will be right there with you. Every step of the way.

Jess Flo

P.S The best decision you can make for yourself now is to find the courage within yourself to join. 

And let me take it from there.

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