My 2020 Frustrations

Looking at the system from the citizen point of view is frustrating, and the knowledge that it may be needed energetically to grow is very aggravating. I am annoyed at the fact that people don’t understand that it is not the mask that is going to prevent deaths as we have clearly seen through the ridiculous numbers. With the workers at the front of the supermarket entrance who can tell you to take off your gloves put on sanitizer and then put your gloves back on (which have not been sanitized) then suggests buying Dollarama gloves that can be sanitized… what a profitable country.

I am annoyed that people are walking side by side outside and around the store but in front of the cashier, all of a sudden! Remember 2 metres apart. That children who are not dying but can be spreading are in school “learning” yet are also at home mask-less. It’s ridiculous.

Our limited freedom due to taxes, traffic lights, bills, “entertainment” and whatever else you call being in a 1st world country. 1st world countries “tend to have stable currencies and robust financial markets, making them attractive to investors from all over the Earth” (Google), another word for economic colosseum. Have we evolved into a space where people are less sick, more adventurous, and more compassionate? Ppfffttt. We are restricted due to non-existential responsibilities and now, told to our faces, don’t have people over or else… you will get a fine of a minimum of 1500$. Who does that profit?

Less workers, more people on the streets, Less health, more depression and let us add giving out fines for not respecting the rules. Increased cases? Well duh more people are getting the test done.

Where is the unity, where is the freedom, where is the free healthcare. Your population is sicker every day. Where is everything you so call stand for. Fucking ridiculous.

What would your inner child say?

You only live once; every single body dies, not one of us is left out; people will tell you whatever they want to serve their plan. When will we learn that our only plan is to enjoy our time here. The Sun, Moon, Earth, Oxygen, Plants, they did not ask for anything from you, they were already here to make your life easier. You gave yourself up to respect the Norm. How sad.

You are powerful, you have everything you need running through your DNA yet no yearning to access it. What a waste.

Life Coach, Wellness Advocate and my primary mission Enjoyment Advocate. I guide ambitious individuals who are in the stagnant phase. By mixing holistic healing with plant and energy medicine.
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