Missed Opportunities

Every day the sun rises; whether it be heavy rain drops or foggy clouds or hailing ice or fluffy snow or dry heat or smothering humidity or falling leaves; everyday the sun rises. It never misses the occasion to show its face and rise above the weather.

Every day you evolve; whether it be cluttering the mind with entertainment or opening the mind with knowledge, whether it be strengthening your immune system or mediocre movement or losing your abilities, whether it be through determination or avoidance whether it be through excuses or purpose, whether it be your cells or your connections; every day that you take a breath of life you evolve for better for worse or for nothing.

Missed opportunities is an expression for when lack of awareness creates results that do not meet your desires.

Opportunities arise every day. Whether it be a car splashing water on you, missing the bus catching the bus, the metro being blocked for an hour, getting a promotion, going through a pandemic, winning the lottery, going on vacation. Whether it be birth or death. It’s all about who are being before during and after the event.

This may be a difficult concept to grasp, but opportunities arise every day and it’s really all about how your willpower directs your actions creating results with new opportunities.

There are over 8 billion humans on earth and yet there is a rumour that only a handful have been touched by lady luck. But every day the tables turn, those who weren’t are and those who were are no longer. The day begins anew and opportunities arise again. There are no missed opportunities just new chances to make or break your dreams. Why focus on what yesterday did not bring, when it is so much more productive to focus on what today enlightens.

Every day opportunities arise. It’s all about who are being.

Life Coach, Wellness Advocate and my primary mission Enjoyment Advocate. I guide ambitious individuals who are in the stagnant phase. By mixing holistic healing with plant and energy medicine.
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