Me, Myself and I


You, what does it mean to be you?

How would you describe yourself to you. What do you love? What makes you happy? Who are you when you’re in traffic, or stressed, or frustrated.

How do you feel about you in those moments. Do you justify or take responsibility.

Being Honest with Noone but Yourself, Do you truly know You?

Do you know the moment you start feeling hunger, the sensation in your body that signals you to start preparing for food; or do you know you’re hungry when you’re starving. What muscles contract when you make a movement. What is your mind telling you when you’re nervous, that it isn’t saying when you’re happy. Are you conflicted or whole? Who are you in public settings: with family and friends or even strangers.

Do you accept yourself completely? Do you love you? Are you understanding or hard to be around and why? Do you know when your are most productive in the day….

If you truly know you, tell you, are you being you right now? If the answer is yes, then I’d like congratulations for loving and accepting yourself completely in a world that has tried to set standards but if the answer is no, then please read on.

There are so many thoughts that go through our heads and these thoughts affect our bodies which then affect our actions.

Do you know why you’re not currently living the life that you want while others are?

Close your eyes and Picture a child having a tantrum because his parent won’t get him a new truck as he already has 3 at home. Now be that parent what would you say. You would gently explain to the child that there is no need for a new truck, that they didn’t talk about a truck before they saw it with their eyes and remind him how much fun he already has with the ones at home. You would get him to identify his feelings, calm him down and make him feel secure once again. Or, the child would have valid arguments and convince the parents to buy him the truck. Do you do that for you? Remember that we are all children at heart, we just grew up a little so now the parenting job has fallen in our laps. Do you take the time to process through unchecked feelings or are you hiding behind them because you’re too scared to face the truth.

What do you have that you are neglecting? What do you think you want that is affecting your thought process and keeping you in a cycle that you don’t really want to be in. Why do you want it, what would you do with it, how does it benefit or hinder you if you have it. And what are you willing to sacrifice to have it? These are questions that allow you to know if this is a necessity that will allow you to feel more you or a distraction; permission for someone else to take control your desires. Standards don’t mean shit but You mean the world. You can blame external forces for what you are feeling within but at the end of the day you are winning at the game you are playing. If that’s being lazy, then you’re winning; if that’s being active every day then you’re winning; if that’s being a victim to external forces then you are winning. You are as strong as your thoughts. Do not limit yourself and the world won’t either. You are the big break you’ve been waiting for. Freedom is within reach if you think about it enough.

Free tip: Everything that happens to you is your fault 😊 now what are you going to do about that! Self sabotage or take control? Knowing is acting accordingly, don’t shut you out.

Life Coach, Wellness Advocate and my primary mission Enjoyment Advocate. I guide ambitious individuals who are in the stagnant phase. By mixing holistic healing with plant and energy medicine.