Are You What You Eat?


You know the saying, “You are what you eat”, well turns out that expression is literal AF.

Every time you take a bite of your food, the mood you’re in, the surrounding environment, the thoughts you’re having, all have an impact on how that food is being digested in your body.

So now imagine being frustrated at the cashier for having an attitude, at the teacher for giving you extra homework or your boss under a stress crisis and then going on to have lunch.

The irritation you withhold is transformed into stress in the body. And what does stress do to your body?… It puts you into sympathetic mode AKA survival mode (fight, flight or freeze).  Nobody is trying to eat a sandwich, when they’re in survival mode. You’re either anxious over the situation; in battle mode (ready to beat this person up in your head) or you shut down.

That whole moment affects 30 to 40% of your digestive process. 30 to 40% of your digestion is about who you are being while you eat! Not what you are eating but who you are being.

Ever had the brick feeling in your stomach? That’s the built-up stress released by your stress hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol), which inhibits you from eating properly.

My friends, food is life ?. Like olives turned oil, food transforms you. Being present and engaging all your senses while you eat, will not only make the food all the more enjoyable but also turn that food into usable energy instead of stress related illnesses. #BonAppétit

Free tips: Prioritize eating time as calm time (surround yourselves with things that make you feel happy and zen) and… get a tongue scraper ?

Life Coach, Wellness Advocate and my primary mission Enjoyment Advocate. I guide ambitious individuals who are in the stagnant phase. By mixing holistic healing with plant and energy medicine.