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Doesn’t that sound like something Big and Exciting is about to happen?

Adventure… really adventure is about the feeling you get when you don’t know what will happen next. An unusual experience or activity that gets you all fired up.

As we get older, life sometimes feels dull, safe and controlled; yet we all still have that inner child that craves excitement and is curious about the unknown.

How do you spark Creativity and Imagination?

Think back to when you were a child absorbing life, willing to learn and try new things. Slightly stepping out of your comfort zone to get that ticklish lump in your stomach. Laughing out loud and Enjoying the simplest of things. How did you spark adventure back then?

It came out so naturally, You were You. Innocent and Open.
Bring the Adventurous Inner Child Out! He / She is tired of being pushed down so that you can so-call “live”.

Being Rebellious, Excited, Happy, Joyous are all emotions that make us feel alive! Think of all your good memories; what were you doing? how did you feel? who were you with?

Bring the Adventurous Inner Child Back

Pull a Prank. Play Transportation Roulette (rules at the end). Do a crazy hairstyle or wear a funky wig. Turn your week into a game and bring a sense of adventure into your life.

The more you appreciate everything you have, the more life will smile at you. So why not do justice to the child you once were and let them roam this land freely and lovingly. You deserve it.

Bring Your Inner Child Back

Transportation Roulette:

  • Create a budget and then pick plane, train or bus and go somewhere new
  • At your chosen transportation hub, see how far you can get with the budget you’ve set
  • Example: Set your budget at $60.00 for a round-trip and pick train as your

transportation mode. Then head to the nearest train station, ask how far you can go for $30.00 each way, and then go wherever this adventure takes you!

Easily turn your week into a game (do one fun thing every day of the week):

  • List 6 fun things you want to try, number them, roll the dice, see what you get and do it!

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