Accepting Change

How do you expect to get the results you want when you don’t practice the activities that a person that currently has it does?

How do you expect to get the results you want when you are constantly fighting your uges rather than supporting your efforts?

How do you expect to get the results you want when you don’t reflect on what is stopping them from being manifested?

Why are you listening to someone that told you “do this, it worked for me” rather than being curious about what works for you?

How do you expect to get the results YOU want when you don’t understand what standards need to be set to reach your goal?

We are human, we make mistakes; mistakes are a part of life but so are distractions… You cannot change life and what happens when you fight something you cannot change, you’re at constant odds with it, war.

Peace and War do not mix just as oil and water do not mix.

When you accept the things you cannot change, your thoughts can then shift to what you can change. You.

Your perspective. Your actions. Your surrounding,

When you change yourself, you change your experience of life.

Does a doctor become a doctor over night? No, he studies, learns, experiences, asks questions, puts himself in the skin of a doctor until one day he is. Does a talented artist become an artist over night? No, Passion, Drive, Practice. Does a business owner learn finances overnight… can anyone learn finances overnight haha NO. Now forget about profession for a minute; what do all the people living the life they want, how they want (not how society told them to live it) have in common.

They knew where they wanted to go and did what needed to be done regardless of circumstances.

Hurdles do not block the finish line, maybe it is temporarily blurry but they do not prevent you from getting there. They make you stronger.

Jumping over and believing in yourself keeps you going but being prepared makes you faster and more endurant. Practice There will always be a reason to not do something: fear, someone else, party, all-around busy but at the end of the day, excuses don’t get results ?‍♀️ and it’s only hurting you.

Only you can get the results you want. 1% a day may take time but it gets you a little closer to who you really want to be. Fake it till you make it was not a lie.

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