End Your Inner Conflict

The Total Transformation System, if you feel trapped by personality and disappointed in where you are 


Jess Flo Kofi

Healing Coach 

What They Say About Jess

Having Jessica as a coach has been positively life changing. She has helped create structure in my life, helped build hope for my future. Jessica has been a great support, helping me to work through my thoughts and see solutions and positivity. I am grateful for the lessons, and I will confidently recommend having Jessica as a coach to anyone. It will be a decision you will always be thankful for. .
Medical Student
When I connected with Jess, I knew right away that I needed a Life Coach.  I have big ambitions and a career that I love, but life wasn’t making sense anymore. My foundation is now: taking time to step back so I can tune into my intuition.  I have learned to trust myself and my decisions again.  I feel confident that I can make my new relationship work while pursuing my goals. 
Rigging Artist
I met Jessica by coincidence on Instagram. we connected and I became her life coaching client. since then, it's been magical. she is absolutely good at what she does and she puts her money where her mouth is. I would recommend working with her and I guarantee it's a good decision.

Get Out of Your Way Coaching

Your habits set the standard that you live by. If you continue doing exactly what you’re doing right now for the next year to 5 how would you feel about that? What would your life look like?
The great thing about the past is that is has passed. The only value it has is what “you”  give it. Gain perspective on your bad habits and grow through it.

Fuel for the
Marathon of Life

Most people don’t realize that what you put “in and on” your body determine the quality of your day. Would you willingly drink poison, bath in poison or let a poisonous person into your brain? No. Here are simple every day methods to reduce the number 1 giver of disease. Stress.

5 things we can do for you

Peel The Onion: End Your Conflict

Implement the action steps that will create the habits that work for you. Learn how to how to gain back your lost power to create the life you want


2 Days Healing Program

This program is for people that have lost control of their life. If you feel like you've hit a roadblock and are searching for that grounded direction.


10 Week Life Vision

After having a clear vision of where you want to go, receive 10 weeks of support and accountability to beat your self-sabotaging tendencies.

5 Day Anx Breathing $30

Disconnection with your purpose?
Make breakthroughs and find inner peace with only 20 mins of concealed Breathing techniques each day.


This is a hardcore program for those that want to enter their purpose, find rock solid relationships, and follow a clear career path. round in 21 days.

I do not recommend this program unless you are prepared to do the necessary work.

The Transformation you need

We will create your very own unique planner, personalized diet and the intention here is to increase your energy. The one that works just for you! What we’re undertaking together is a life journey.

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