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Jess Flo Kofi

Life Coach & Wellness Advocate

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Your habits set the standard that you live by. If you continue doing exactly what you’re doing right now for the next year to 5 how would you feel about that? What would your life look like?
The great thing about the past is that is has passed. The only value it has is what “you”  give it. Gain perspective on you bad habits and grow through it.

Fuel for the
Marathon of Life

Most people don’t realize that what you put “in and on” your body determine the quality of your day. Would you willingly drink poison, bath in poison or let a poisonous person into your brain? No. Here are simple every day methods to reduce the number 1 giver of disease. Stress.

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We will create your very own unique, personalized diet and the intention here is to increase your energy. The one that works just for you! What we’re undertaking together is a way of eating not dieting.

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